Baler industry and resource recycling Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes
Baler industry and resource recycling Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes


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Baler industry and resource recycling

 1. Introduction of balers
      Balers can be simply divided into two types, namely metal balers and non-metallic balers. The metal baler is a kind of cold bales used mainly for the packaging of light and thin black and non-ferrous scraps to form a compact rectangular block for storage and transportation. It is a steel mill, a non-ferrous metal factory, and a smelter metal scrap. Ideal equipment for processing. The use of non-metallic balers is more extensive than the use of metal balers. It runs through dozens of industries such as papermaking, cotton, yarn, waste recycling, and weaving.
2. Status of renewable resources in China
      China is a big country with a large population, and it is a big consumer country. Due to the large population base in China, the average daily domestic waste generated in China is equivalent to a week's worth of domestic garbage for half of all Europeans. What is more important is that the quality of our citizens is relatively low, and the concept of recycling of resources is poor, resulting in the waste of most of the recyclable resources. China is in urgent need of changing this situation, so the baler industry has started to develop better.
      The role of balers is mainly reflected in the fact that it can save space and facilitate transportation, which can save costs, reduce production links, and make waste resources recyclable. (Example (1) Waste cotton balers: Waste cotton balers are mainly used to pack, strap, and pack loose and soft cotton that takes up space, effectively saving labor, material, and financial resources for your organization. Examples of storage and transportation (2) Plastic balers: They are mainly suitable for the packaging of waste plastics (PET bottles, plastic films, turnover boxes, etc.), waste paper (cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc.), straw, and loose materials. The loose materials occupying space are compactly packaged, bundled, and packaged to effectively save your labor, material, and financial resources for your organization, facilitating your storage and transportation.) After decades of development, balers are gradually maturing. The types of balers have evolved from a single variety to many varieties, and balers can cover almost every industry where resources are recovered.
4, the development of the baler
       With the advancement of technology, the baler has gradually matured, and the technical content of balers has been mentioned. However, due to the limitations of the industry, the technological content of balers has not been a qualitative leap. With the strong reproducibility of the balers, the number of baler manufacturers has increased, and the baler's overall production quality has declined. The baler industry is facing severe challenges.

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