The use of metal balers Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes
The use of metal balers Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes


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The use of metal balers

 The operating technology of metal balers is comprehensive and has accumulated rich experience in research, development, production and field use. In the use of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone heads, some simple operating techniques can be used to achieve better crushing effect and prolong its service life.


  1. The metal baler has a buffer hopper and variable frequency feed device. Because the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone adopts the principle of layered crushing and requires uniform and quantitative feeding, when installing and using the equipment, care must be taken to ensure continuous conical feeding before the equipment is equipped with a buffer tank. The equipment can be precisely adjusted and controlled, and it is recommended to install a frequency conversion feeding device to ensure the stability of the equipment.

  2. Install the center feed device. The import and export of multi-cylinder hydraulic cones are also important factors that affect their crushing effect and service life. The equipment needs to install a central feeding device to ensure the center feeds. The material of the equipment must be kept smooth to prevent the material from being too wet, too much or too much powder accumulates in the lower part of the equipment and damage the equipment.

  3. The metal baler should be equipped with a belt conveyor to disassemble iron equipment and stop devices. The belt conveyor is a feeding device for multi-cylinder hydraulic cones. The correct configuration of the belt conveyor is also related to the good operation of the equipment. The feeder should be equipped with iron removal device to prevent damage to the device due to bevel gears. The utility model can prevent the material from retreating when the belt conveyor stops, thereby reducing the trouble caused by the belt conveyor stopping.

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